Over the years our product line has expanded to include three different Drift board models. Which one should you choose? read on to get the details:

Carbon Drift board

The Carbon Drift boards are considered our flagship product. It has been refined in many ways since we launched five years ago, but the shape and function remain largely the same. The Carbon boards are designed to be ultra light with maximum surface area for float in deep snow. They are made as wide and light as possible while still fitting in a standard skin track. If you usually only travel in fresh snow and/or or you know you will be breaking trail often and you want the lightest, stiffest setup, you want the carbon Drift boards.

Oxygen Drift boards

The Oxygen Drift boards employ the same dimensions as the Carbon boards, with the same bindings, skins, and purpose: Maximum float. Choose oxygens for the exact same use as the Carbons described above. Made with glass fiber instead of carbon, the Oxygen Drift boards are more affordable and a little bit softer and heavier. If you want to save a bit of cash or you really like the natural wood look, the Oxygens are for you.

Cascade Carbon boards

The Cascades were designed for team members around the West who started using Drift boards in a lot more variable conditions beyond fresh pow. They are built just like the Carbon boards but are a full inch narrower, providing more edge leverage and making it easier to traverse in firm or shallow snow. If you want to tour in firm or shallow snow, the Cascades are the best.

Drift Crampons

All Drift boards work with our custom-designed crampons, designed and tested on spring corn missions in the Oregon Cascade volcanoes. They are super easy to install without removing the Drift boards and can literally give you an edge in tough conditions. In the end, the Carbon boards with a set up crampons will give you the highest performing, most versatile product.

Which climbing skins?

We offer two skins, nylon and mohair. Our skins are just like the skins used in ski touring and splitboarding but they use a permanent glue because they don't need to be removed. The Mohair skins are a little more slick and provide more glide. Nylon skins are a little cheaper and provide maximum grip. Both are excellent and you would probably need to use them both back-to-back to experience the difference.

In Conclusion

It's important to realize that all of the Drift boards work really well in most conditions and the differences between the three are manifest on the extremes. You can use the wide boards on firm snow. You can use the Cascades in powder. It just depends on how you'll be using them most of the time. If you live in an area where there is always a skin track or it never snows more than a few inches of heavy snow at a time, the Cascades would work for you full time. On the other hand, if you tour in an area where you will often break trail in 4+ inches of light snow, you'll want the extra width.
As always, be safe and have fun out there!
December 19, 2022 — Dave Rupp