Why Drift boards?

1st Carbon Prototype

Thoughts from the founder on Drifts and why they where made.

ISPO Brandnew Finalist

ISPO Brandnew Finalist

ISPO Finalists 2019 Winter hardware
December 11, 2018 — Dave Rupp

Drift is a finalist for the Outdoor Innovation Awards

Drift is proud to be apart of the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards.  Finalist Announcement
November 06, 2018 — Brooke Rupp

The Inertia reviews Drift boards

Joe Carberry, an editor for the Inertia, reached out to us after the kickstarter campaign funded. He wanted to take a Drift set out and put it through the paces....
January 24, 2018 — Brooke Rupp

Uncrate features Drift boards

Without me knowing, my brother submitted Drift boards to Uncrate and they decided to publish about us. Unreal.  
September 15, 2017 — Dave Rupp

Drift launch party

Drift had a killer launch party. Big and little shredders enjoyed hitting the skate park and grubbing on POWDERed donuts and SNOW cones. Thanks for supporting the movement.  
September 07, 2017 — Brooke Rupp