Drift boards are designed for flat or uphill travel through terrain with adequate snow. While they can be used on slight declines, they are not intended for high speed downhill use. They do not have metal edges, side cut, or locking heels that would allow a user to make turns or maintain control at high speeds. Drift boards could break upon high speed impact or impact with hard objects such as rocks or trees. 

Inspect your Drift boards often. Look for loose hardware, worn or detaching climbing skins, and other defects. 

Climbing skins are made of cloth and can tear if used on roots, rocks, sharp ice and other hard objects.  We recommend boot-packing and crampons for rocky, icy, or thinly covered terrain. Gently clean climbing skins with a damp (not soaking) rag. 


    Drift will cover defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the purchase date of the original buyer. If you encounter a defect, please contact us via We will repair or replace valid warranty claims. Proof of purchase required. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, modifications or alterations, improper maintenance, accident, negligence, damage, or misuse. In the event you send us your Drift boards under warranty, you are responsible for the shipping costs to get the boards to us and we will cover the return shipping. 



    To the original buyer, Drift boards are covered for life under our "Yard Sale Crash Replacement Policy". If for any reason your Drift boards break, send us your set and we will replace it at a cost lower than retail. You are responsible for shipping costs to and from Drift.