having fun on the drift boards

A few messages we've received from happy customers: 

 “Drift boards are, hands down, one of the best things that happened since the birth of snowboards! Instant love.”

“I am blown away by what you can do on Drift boards. Feels like you’re a ninja.”

"They work really well. Love mine, especially for pow surfing.” 

“Drift boards have opened up a new world of backcountry exploration and snowboarding for me. Love it.” 

“Very well made and easy to use. These are awesome and not having to mess with skins off and on is great!”

"Why is this product not viral yet? It’s a brilliant idea I don’t even have to try it to see that is I the best thing for riders. Way better than splitting your board in two pieces. 

“Best human powered backcountry movement in the game.” 

“Drift boards are legit everyone I tour with has a split except myself, I have the Drift boards and they can climb anything a split can climb. Plus it takes less time to step out of them and slap them on your pack then it does to put a split back together.”

“They straight up haul on those long, steady climbs. Add that to the fact that you can bring up any board you want…”

“Love it. Snow shoes no more.” 

“Super happy with them! Hiking with three split boarders and totally keep up and the switch is way faster. Thanks again.” 

“Loving the Drift boards. Such a quick change over time.” 

“They are epic. Just as fast as my skiing friend. A total game changer for me.”

“Got a few laps on the Drifts this morning. Huge fan. Awesome product guys! 

“Awesome experience. Love the Drift boards.” 

“Your product is amazing.”

“Just wanted to send you guys a shoutout for he awesome product! Love the Drift boards so much.” 

“Incredible. You guys nailed it with these.”

“First outing. Really impressed. So light up and down.”

“Picked up two sets last year for my wife and I. We love them and use them constantly here in the Catskills!”

“I skinned up sugarloaf mountain this past weekend and so many people stopped to ask me about the boards. At least 12. It happens every time I’m out with them.” 

“It’s definitely stressful spending $500 on something you’ve never tried out but damn, you guys did it right with these.” 

“Worked amazing. Thanks for making unreal gear.”

“Excellent product.”

“The best way up the hill.”

“Such a great product.” 

“I traded my snowshoes for Drifts and you should too!”