DRIFT: Products that come through pure necessity. Learn more about each part of the Drift Boards and how all the technology works together for the most efficient backcountry travel.


  • Drift boards are designed for flat or uphill travel through terrain with at least six inches of snow. While they can be used on slight declines, they are not intended for high speed downhill use. They do not have metal edges, side cut, or locking heels that would allow a user to make turns or maintain control at high speeds. Drift boards could break upon high speed impacts or impacts with hard objects such as rocks or trees. 
  • Inspect your Drift boards often. Look for loose hardware, worn or detaching climbing skins, and other defects. 
  • Climbing skins are made of cloth and can tare if used on roots, rocks, sharp ice and other hard objects.  We recommend boot-packing and crampons for rocky, icy, or thinly covered terrain.
  • Gently clean climbing skins with a damp (not soaking) rag. If climbing skins begin to pull aware from the board but are not worn out, we recommend using hot glue to reattach the skin to the board until the skins need to be replaced.