Yes Standard Uninc Review photo
Love this board! Here are five things you should know: 
1.  You have a a full camber, fairly aggressive, stiffer all mountain board here but jumping on this thing I went from the Nitro Alternator to the standard Uninc and if you look at my alternator review I liked it but felt a little bit uncomfortable on it the whole time that I rode it. At one point I jumped straight from the Alternator to the Standard Uninc (a similar board-- full camber, pro model, all-mountain freeride) and I just felt so stable and so comfortable on this, it just felt amazing right out of the gate. I got this in a little bit of everything and to me this thing just kind kind of had a secret sauce that I love.
2. This is an excellent option for riders with bigger feet. Yes does the Midbite tech, which I won't go into a ton of detail on, but it's narrower between the feet and wider underfoot so the waist width is a little bit deceiving because it's going to ride a little wider than that. For me I like a little bit of a wider board so I love the mid bite, I love it on the normal Standard too. If you have a little bit bigger feet this is an awesome option. I did the normal Standard in 159 and then I decided to try this in the 162. I was a little worried especially going to the full camber that this would feel like too much but it was awesome. I could probably go either way but I had zero issues with the 162.
3. The third thing that really impressed me was the float. I set this up on reference stance, close to a twin setup, and the tapered midbite with that wider nose and a little bit of a a narrower tail works really well for what it is. I mean it's not going to stack up against a full-on pow board but it just floats awesome, I was so impressed. I could see how this board works for Dustin Craven as a backcountry freestyle board. 
4.  Do you need the Uninc version? It really just depends on how hard you want to go. the Standard is just an excellent all-around board, I think it's underrated and one of the best all-around boards out there if you're riding a little more casually or you're going to hit the park or you just don't want to be "on it" all the time it's a great option. The Uninc isn't a ton more aggressive for for a full camber board for this pro model range; I felt like it was on the more forgiving side and a little more relaxed Than The Aviator 2.0 or the Alternator for example. Both of those are a little more aggressive than this. I probably don't need the Uninc all the time but I did really like it.
5. I think in the end if you are looking for one board to do it all and you like to go pretty hard most of the time, this is really hard to beat. This will be one I'm going to hang onto.