Drift Board DECK ONLY
Drift Board DECK ONLY

Drift Board DECK ONLY

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The Drift board decks can be used with your preferred binding. The three hole pattern is compatible with Spark R&D and Voile bindings. Drift boards combine the simplicity of snowshoes, the speed of cross country skis, and the grip of touring skis. They are made out of carbon fiber that is hand made in the USA. The climbing skins on the bottom of the Drift boards are a permanent fixture that provides traction on the steepest accents and allows for gliding. The patented Drift boards fit in backcountry skin tracks and are excellent at breaking trail in deep powder.


  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction handmade in the USA. (one pair weighs approx 3 lbs) 
  • New polyurethane sidewall
  • Nylon climbing skin
  • Steep nose ramps and built-in skins for traction and glide 
  • Dimensions 6.75" W x 35" L  
  • 3 hole pattern compatible with Spark R&D and Voile bindings
  • M6X1 inserts


U.S. Pat. No. 10,272,318

Canada Pat. No. 3,033,865