Carbon Drift board deck only



The Drift board decks can be used with your preferred binding. The three hole pattern is compatible with Spark R&D and Voile bindings. 

Drift boards combine elements of snowshoes and touring skis into a completely new tool for moving through snow. Handmade from carbon fiber, Drift boards are smaller, lighter, and more agile than skis while being faster and more efficient than snowshoes. Like snowshoes, Drift boards are wide enough to stay atop the snow, but permanent climbing skins on the bottom of the boards allow them to glide forward on the snow while still maintaining grip.

The patented Drift boards work with any type of soft boot and weigh only five pounds. Drift boards fit in backcountry skin tracks and are excellent at breaking trail in deep powder. Drift boards are ideal for anyone who wants to move efficiently through snow, but they are uniquely suited to backcountry snowboarders, allowing them to carry any type of board and climb with the weight of the board on their back instead of on their feet.

In short: 

  1. Get every benefit of a snowshoe plus the ability to glide. As far as we're concerned, traditional snowshoes are dead.
  2. Ride your quiver. No need to cut your snowboard in half. Drift boards are a legit alternative to split boards and in some situations actually have advantages over long, heavy skis.


  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction. (one pair weighs about 3 lbs) 
  • Polyurethane sidewall
  • Nylon climbing skin
  • Steep nose ramps and built-in skins for traction and glide 
  • Dimensions 6.75" W x 35" L  
  • 3 hole pattern compatible with Spark R&D and Voile bindings
  • M6X1 inserts


U.S. Pat. No. 10,272,318

Canada Pat. No. 3,033,865