Cascade Carbon Drift Boards



All Drift boards come with our True Love Guarantee. Once you get your Drift boards, enjoy a seven day test period. If you’re not stoked, send them back for a full refund. It’s that simple. Details here.

The Cascade Drift boards are a narrower option for riders who consistently tour in skin tracks or on firm/shallow snow and are willing to trade some float for increased leverage and edge control. 

The original Drift boards were designed in Utah with maximum float in dry powder as top priority, but we find more and more riders using their Drift boards in various conditions all over the world. With that in mind, we developed and tested the Cascades  in the Pacific Northwest where heavy, wet, or firm snow is more common. The Cascade Drift boards bring all the benefits of the normal boards, while the narrower ski increases confidence in firm snow by putting weight more directly on the edges of the board.

We recommend them to lighter-weight riders and those who expect to use them in firm conditions or always in a solid skin track. Our guy in Oregon uses the Cascades 75% of the time, even when there's fresh snow. In Utah, we use them when we're climbing groomers or when it hasn't snowed in a long time. 


  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction (5lbs per pair)
  • Crampon compatible for grip in the worst conditions.
  • New polyurethane sidewall 
  • Permanent climbing skins in nylon (blue and black logo) and 100% mohair (Green and black). Nylon for more grip, mohair for more glide. 
  • Minimalist composite bindings 
  • Steep nose ramps and built-in skins for traction and glide 
  • Webbing straps with cam lock and folding heel cup 
  • Heel riser bars with two height options 
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Dimensions 5.5" W x 35" L  (139mm W X 89cm L) 183 Square inches per board
  • U.S. Pat. No. 10,272,318 Canada Pat. No. 3,033,865


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Works great uphill on groomed trails, hard-packed snow, and powder. 2-position risers are 👌Great glide with the mohair skins. Lightweight enough that they are not noticeable on the back. Quick transition! When strapped to feet, excess ankle step requires some management, but it’s easy enough to tuck under the cinched toe strap. “R” vinyl in DRIFT started to peel on the first use, so these may become DIFT boards. Edges of skins started to fray a little after second use - 3.5ish miles on mostly packed skin track. Short length means never having to do a kick turn again! Oh - hope you’re feeling social, because every single person you encounter is going to look confused and ask what are those?

Love these for uphilling!

I just bought these in February and absolutely love them! I’ve mostly used them to uphill inbounds at my local Colorado resort (Keystone) and also tested them on a backcountry skin track. They fit perfectly in the skin track and I love how quick the transition is to downhill.

I don’t even notice that I’m carrying my snowboard on my back once I get moving. I also recommend the Mohair skins, as the uphill glide is super smooth. They provide enough float for me on powder days as well. Highly recommend for a less expensive alternative to a full split board package!

B Rupp
A killer option for variable conditions

I got to help test the Cascade Drift boards in Oregon and I love them. Here in Oregon, I will use the Cascades whenever I tour unless it's deeper than six inches and/or I'm spending a lot of time breaking trail. In that case, I'll use the classic wide Drift boards for a little more float. If there's a well establish skin track or you're on firm snow, these are excellent. My favorite time to use the Cascades is when we do spring corn tours on Volcanoes here in the Pacific Northwest. They do a great job of providing edge support and getting me up big volcanoes right along with all the skiers that I tour with.