Drift Flat Pedal


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The Drift flat pedal is a light-weight, performance flat pedal. They are made with carbon fiber in proprietary infusion process for increased damage resistance and weight reduction. The pedal features a two directional concave shape for grip in both the pin layout and the shape of the carbon, something that is not easily achieved in machined aluminium. The Drift flat pedals have brass pins that are 4mm in height. The pedal is specifically designed with minimal sharp edges to help deflect rock strikes and keep the pin count low with high traction. “I used to ride clips now I ride flats”  Dave Rupp


  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction handmade in the USA. (one pair weighs 262 grams 
  • 4mm stainless replaceable pins
  • Dimensions 95mm X 95mm platform (118mm X 113mm overall dimensions)
  • Chromoly Axle 
  • Sealed bearing and Iges bushing 
  • 9mm Q factor to platform spacing
  • Stainless steel hardware