Drift Crampon


Width of DRIFTS

Drift crampon. When you need to dig in and trudge, quickly add the crampon to your Drift boards so you can come down a steep slope or get through the harder pack snow and ice.     


  • Two Aluminum Crampons 
  • Two sizes 180mm and 150mm for wider and narrower Drift boards 
  • 180mm 500g 
  • 150mm 450g 

 Not Compatible with Aluminum Binding, Composite Binding only 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Essential addition to the Drift kit

The crampons fix all the previous limitations of the driftboards. Firm icy wind blown sections, no problem. Sidehill, check. Steep spring time ups pre thaw, yes and yes. I live in Bend Oregon and have used my drifts for 3 seasons. I love being able to ride my quiver and have found the drifts to be as fast as a split with a much quicker transition from climbing to riding. The crampons provide solid footing when things get dicey….

Game Changer

Using these crampons has made all the difference when traveling uphill. I begrudgingly bought these after spending hours battling icy patches. Let me be the first to tell you, crampons have made it so much easier to travel over ice. Before using these, I found it somewhat difficult to find an edge on the drift boards for traction and spent a lot of time using my poles for support which slowed my travel. The crampons have made it to where I don't have to worry about digging in an edge so I don't slip. I get up mountains now much more quickly now and expend much less energy fighting the ice. I am a student and don't love splurging, but these are 1000% worth every penny.