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All Drift boards come with our True Love Guarantee. Once you get your Drift boards, enjoy a seven day test period. If you’re not stoked, send them back for a full refund. It’s that simple. Details here.

The Oxygen Drift board was designed for those looking to find some pow without spending quite as much cash. Made from glass fiber instead of carbon, they are the same size as our carbon Drift boards with the exact same skin and the same binding. They feature a bit more flex and weight than the carbon version and feature a very cool transparent top sheet that shows the wood core


  • Designed entirely for uphill performance. Everything you need and nothing you don't.
  • Provides the float and agility of a snowshoe with the glide of a ski. Much lighter and more agile than skis while being much more efficient than snowshoes.
  • Allows users to ride the snowboard of their choice in the backcountry, from the old rock board to the latest powder gun.
  • Ultra lightweight construction makes Drift boards all but disappear when on your feet or on your back.
  • Around a third the cost of a typical splitboard setup. 
  • Transition faster than skis or split boards. You'll always be done first and ready to do another lap.
  • Minimal binding is light, quick, and lays flat on your back for the descent.
  • Fits perfectly in a skin track. 
  • Works with any type of snowboard boot, including pow surf boots and Burton Step-ons.
  • Double heel risers with the tallest option in the industry for tackling steep terrain.
  • Compatible with our crampon for firm or icy conditions.
  • Compatible with splitboard and AT bindings options. 


  • Glass fiber construction. (one pair weighs just under 6 lbs.)
  • Polyurethane sidewall 
  • Permanent climbing skins in nylon (blue and black logo) or Mohair (green and black). Nylon for more grip, mohair for more glide. 
  • Minimalist composite bindings 
  • Webbing straps with cam lock and folding heel cup 
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Dimensions 6.75" W x 35" L  (171mm W X 89cm L)



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Will Harding
Not as functional as I’d have hoped

Took these out for the first time into proper backcountry today and they unfortunately fall short. Heading over into the backcountry in whistler to the famous disease ridge off the back of the blackcomb glacier. They struggle to maintain grip while travelling along incline skin tracks while moving across a face. While my friends with regular split boards had no issue traversing. It seems without a prominent edge , the overall surface area and weight distribution over a larger surface they seem to slide out. This wasn’t so much of an issue when moving in shallower areas but this greatly reduces the amount of terrain you can effectively and safely access.

It’s a shame as I really like the concept but I’m disappointed in the effectiveness in the field.

The secret to a happy life

I've been looking all over for something like this. I don't even snowboard. I'm a trail runner and I just want to keep exploring in the mountains when the snow comes. Buying a pair of drift boards was the best decision I've ever made in my life. Hands down way better than using snowshoes. I can strap them onto my trail running shoes or my snow boots. I can climb incredibly steep mountains or hike on single track trails. Bindings are great. The skins are great. The boards are amazing. When I grow up I want to become an ambassador for Drift Boards.

fav uphill gear

I've used a pair of Oxygen Drifts for past two seasons in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I prefer these to my split or snowshoes because they climb incredibly well and afford me the freedom to ride whichever solid board I want on the way down. All they need is a little grip in certain scenarios so I need to add crampons for the perfect set up

Jason Tors
A super solid way to have a blast in the snow

I got my wife and I drift boards as a solution to getting up hill in the backcountry with my snowboard and Ive found that I've ended up using them all the time! This will be our 4th season with the drift boards and they are holding up really well. I use mine to pack out fat bike trails and general walking / hiking trails after a snowfall. I use poles when using drift boards and find that cruising around trails that go up and down is quite fun and can do little tele turns with them while drifting downhill. They are amazingly sticky to the snow while climbing and easy to strap onto a backpack. I'd buy these again and I've told many people about how fun they are IRL.

Just right

Perfect powsurfing tool for soft boot tours. Just big enough to give sufficient float on huge pow days and small enough to stay out of your way when they’re on the backpack. Highly recommended.